Heather Horning // 330.697.2433 //
The main goal of Serenity Too Skincare & Nail Studio is to pamper customers from head to toe and bring out your individual, natural beauty. Heather does not offer acrylic nail services, but prefers to focus on healthy, natural nails and believes in educating her customers on the benefits of using quality products that achieve amazing results.


Cindy Emerick, LMT // 330.814.5748 //
Cindy Emerick, LMT provides relaxing massages and pain reducing techniques for muscular discomfort. With a background healthcare, Cindy views her massage therapy as an alternative approach to healing or as a complement to any current treatments. She offers: Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Pre & Post Event/Sport Massage, Cupping, Hot Stone Therapy, Gua Sha, Skin Rolling and Kinesio Taping. Call Cindy to set up your appointment today.


Linda Beal, M.A. // 330.283.0463
Reflexology offers small steps to inner harmony and wellbeing. Linda Beal, M.A.P.C., is a Certified Reflexology-Science Practitioner, specializing in stress reduction. Linda works with patients by targeting certain points on their feet and hands to speed healing and provide relief to specific body parts. Reflexology creates an overall calming effect allowing the body and mind to increase energy flow and restore harmony within the body systems. Sessions are available by appointment only. Call Linda Beal to schedule your appointment today.


Tracy Zaminska // 216.280.3015
Barb Williams // 330.631.5495
Learn to cope with the stress in your life! In a partnership with Be Well Akron Yoga, Tracy Zaminska and Barb Williams are our two instructors who lead several classes throughout the week and can help individuals reduce stress, stay healthy and remain active. Through their classes, instructors will work with others to improve muscle strength and flexibility, increase focus, release tension, and help them reach a state of harmony and balance. Intensity: low to moderate. Call Tracy or Barb to learn more about classes and pricing.


Debbie Jones // 216.536.9426 //
The Ideal Method facilitates healing in people and in pets. Using The Ideal Method, Debbie Jones uses energy of the earth channeled through the heart to create a space where you can rediscover your own healing power. Reiki energy healing is used as the foundation of every session with the support of Chinese Energetics, Healing with the Earth, Heart Based Healing. Debbie’s natural ability to communicate with spirit helps to facilitate physical, emotional, or spiritual healing on a much deeper level. It is Debbie’s desire to erase your pain and suffering using The Ideal Method so that you can live your life to the fullest, follow your dreams and creating the life you imagined.


Kelly Brown, J.D., C.Ht., N.H.P. // 316.992.2882
Kelly is a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist (M. CHt.) and has been running her private practice since 2004. Her Clinical Hypnotherapy is done in an individual session, tailored to the specific needs of each individual. Kelly’s goal is to get to the original root cause of an issue/problem using techniques such as regression, current time exploration and progression. Hypnotherapy works wonderfully for long-standing issues (i.e. smoking, weight, addiction, depression and anxiety), for phobias and fears (i.e. flying, water, etc.), stress-reduction and insomnia, and addressing illnesses of the body. Sessions start at $125.00, are approximately 3 hours in length, and are by appointment only.


Sara Ruble // 330.221.4748 //
National Speaker and Author, Sara Ruble helps individuals find meaning in death. She offers one-on-one grief counseling for those struggling with the loss of a loved one or friend. Her blog, Death Teaches, helps coach individuals to acceptance and healing while offering a mom’s perspective on life and death.


Deborah Lynne Keith // 330.221.3418
Deborah Lynne Keith works with individuals to help them set and meet their goals. She works with individuals to realize their full potential and guide them to a happier, more fulfilling, and more successful lifestyle. Through her coaching, individuals can start planning their lives, move past hurdles and fears, improve relationships, smoothly move through difficult transitions in life and more.